Improving the minimum distance bound of Trace Goppa codes

Isabel Byrne, Natalie Dodson, Ryan Lynch, Eric Pabón, Fernando Piñero

In this article we prove that a class of Goppa codes whose Goppa polynomial is of the form $g(x) = \Tr(x)$ (i.e. $g(x)$ is a trace polynomial from a field extension of degree $m \geq 3$) has a better minimum distance then than what the Goppa bound $d \geq 2deg(g(x))+1$ implies. Our improvement is based on finding another Goppa polynomial $h$ such that $C(L,g) = C(M, h)$ but $deg(h) > deg(g)$. This is a significant improvement over Trace Goppa codes over quadratic field extensions (i.e. the case $m = 2$), as the Goppa bound for the quadratic case is sharp.

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