A novel method for error analysis in radiation thermometry with application to industrial furnaces

Iñigo Martinez, Urtzi Otamendi, Igor G. Olaizola, Roger Solsona, Mikel Maiza, Elisabeth Viles, Arturo Fernandez, Ignacio Arzua

Accurate temperature measurements are essential for the proper monitoring and control of industrial furnaces. However, measurement uncertainty is a risk for such a critical parameter. Certain instrumental and environmental errors must be considered when using spectral-band radiation thermometry techniques, such as the uncertainty in the emissivity of the target surface, reflected radiation from surrounding objects, or atmospheric absorption and emission, to name a few. Undesired contributions to measured radiation can be isolated using measurement models, also known as error-correction models. This paper presents a methodology for budgeting significant sources of error and uncertainty during temperature measurements in a petrochemical furnace scenario. A continuous monitoring system is also presented, aided by a deep-learning-based measurement correction model, to allow domain experts to analyze the furnace's operation in real-time. To validate the proposed system's functionality, a real-world application case in a petrochemical plant is presented. The proposed solution demonstrates the viability of precise industrial furnace monitoring, thereby increasing operational security and improving the efficiency of such energy-intensive systems.

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