Development and Virtual Testing of 5G Connected Adaptive Cruise Control

Andrea Leo, Giacomo Reatti, Stefano Arrigoni, Michael Khayyat, Federico Cheli

It is estimated that 90% of crashes occur due to human error, mainly induced by poor judgement, distraction or lack of situation awareness. The development of systems that aim to increase road safety and to improve driving comfort is the key challenge that many OEMs are currently tackling. The use of fast and reliable of innovative communication technologies such as 5G can enhance advancements and developments in the field of ADAS. The aim of the paper is the study of the potential improvements connectivity can bring to ACC systems in terms of safety and vehicle comfort. Starting from state-of-art ACC present in literature, a novel connected ACC is designed and deeply reported. The main features of the algorithms consist in integrating information about other road vehicles fed by 5G and about potential grip given by smart sensors such as Pirelli Cyber Tyre. The novel solution is then compared to the standard ACC by means of several simulations considering two real traffic situations with different road friction coefficients. Finally benefits and limitations of the proposed algorithm are deeply discussed.

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