MDS-Net: A Multi-scale Depth Stratification Based Monocular 3D Object Detection Algorithm

Zhouzhen Xie, Yuying Song, Jingxuan Wu, Zecheng Li, Chunyi Song, Zhiwei Xu

Monocular 3D object detection is very challenging in autonomous driving due to the lack of depth information. This paper proposes a one-stage monocular 3D object detection algorithm based on multi-scale depth stratification, which uses the anchor-free method to detect 3D objects in a per-pixel prediction. In the proposed MDS-Net, a novel depth-based stratification structure is developed to improve the network's ability of depth prediction by establishing mathematical models between depth and image size of objects. A new angle loss function is then developed to further improve the accuracy of the angle prediction and increase the convergence speed of training. An optimized soft-NMS is finally applied in the post-processing stage to adjust the confidence of candidate boxes. Experiments on the KITTI benchmark show that the MDS-Net outperforms the existing monocular 3D detection methods in 3D detection and BEV detection tasks while fulfilling real-time requirements.

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