Distributed Processing for Encoding and Decoding of Binary LDPC codes using MPI

Bhargav Gokalgandhi, Ivan Seskar

Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes are linear error correcting codes used in communication systems for Forward Error Correction (FEC). But, intensive computation is required for encoding and decoding of LDPC codes, making it difficult for practical usage in general purpose software based signal processing systems. In order to accelerate the encoding and decoding of LDPC codes, distributed processing over multiple multi-core CPUs using Message Passing Interface (MPI) is performed. Implementation is done using Stream Processing and Batch Processing mechanisms and the execution time for both implementations is compared w.r.t variation in number of CPUs and number of cores per CPU. Performance evaluation of distributed processing is shown by variation in execution time w.r.t. increase in number of processors (CPU cores).

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