Open Source Horizontal IoT Platforms: A Comparative Study on Functional Requirements

Ali Farhat, Abdelrahman Eldosouky, Jason Jaskolka, Mohamed Ibnkahla, Ashraf Matrawy

The growth in the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in various industries required the use of IoT platforms to manage, automate and control devices. This introduced different commercial and open source IoT platforms for developers and researchers to deploy. As a result, selecting one of these platforms for a specific application and use case became a challenge. In this study, a guideline for selecting an open source platform is presented. The process starts by identifying a list of functional requirements that would reflect the requirements of an IoT system in general. This list of requirements is used to compare between four major open source platforms: 1) OM2M (OneM2M standard), 2) IoTivity (OCF standard), LwM2M (OMA SpecWorks LwM2M standard), and 4) FIWARE (FIWARE standard). The purpose of this comparison is to indicate the capability and limitations of the different platforms and how they satisfy each requirement. Afterwards, two examples are presented to demonstrate how this guideline is used to select the most suitable platform for an e-health and a smart city use case. This includes how to define each use case and all the required information that could affect the process of selecting the most suitable platform for the development of the IoT platform.

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