Frequency Reversal Alamouti Code-Based FBMC with Resilience to Inter-Antenna Frequency Offsets

Cheng-Yu Lin, Borching Su, Kwonhue Choi

Transmit diversity schemes for filter bank multicarrier (FBMC) are known to be challenging. No existing schemes have considered the presence of inter-antenna frequency offset (IAFO), which will result in performance degradation. In this letter, a new transmit scheme based on the frequency reversal Alamouti code (FRAC)-based structure to address the issue of IAFO is proposed and is proven to inherently cancel the inter-antenna inter-carrier interference (ICI) while preserving spatial diversity. Moreover, the proposed FRAC structure is applicable in frequency-selective channels. Numerical results show that the proposed scheme undergoes negligible bit error rate (BER) degradation even with considerable IAFOs.

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