Security of Virtual Reality Authentication Methods in Metaverse: An Overview

Pınar Kürtünlüoğlu, Beste Akdik, Enis Karaarslan

The metaverse is said to be the future Internet and will consist of several worlds called verses. This concept is being discussed a lot lately, however, the security issues of these virtual worlds are not discussed enough. This study first discusses the privacy and security concerns of the metaverse. Virtual reality headsets are the main devices used to access the Metaverse. The user needs to verify their identity to log in to the metaverse platforms, and the security of this phase becomes vital. This paper aims to compare the security of the main authentication methods that are used in virtual reality environments. Information-based, biometric, and multi-model methods are compared and analyzed in terms of security. These methods aim to verify the user with different data types such as 3D patterns, PIN systems, or biometric data. The pros and cons are discussed. The paper also concludes with what work can be done to improve the safety of these authentication methods and future work.

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