Implementation of an Energy Management System for Real-Time Power Flow Control in AC Microgrid

Airin Rahman, Hafte Hayelom Adhena, Ramy Georgious, Pablo Garcia

Microgrid (MG) system, which is composed of renewable resources with the utility grid, energy storage unit, electric vehicles, and loads, acts as a single controllable entity. To get efficient and low-cost energy, need to manage power flow within MG depending on renewable resources and load demand. This paper proposes an energy management system (EMS) for grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage system (ESS) based on AC MG. The proposed EMS regulates power flow through the AC bus considering next-day solar irradiance prediction, tariff profile, and day-ahead load demand to minimize the cost of electricity. The recommended EMS for the MG system has been verified using MATLAB/Simulink. Also, the algorithm has been tasted with real time data of a 10kW PV system.

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