Stability and bifurcations in transportation networks with heterogeneous users

Leonardo Cianfanelli, Giacomo Como, Tommaso Toso

A critical aspect in strategic modeling of transportation systems is the users' heterogeneity. In many realistic situations, e.g., when tolls are charged and drivers have different trade-offs between time and money, or when they get informed by different routing apps, modeling users as rational decision makers with homogeneous utility functions becomes too restrictive. While global asymptotic stability of user equilibria in homogeneous routing games is known to hold for a broad class of evolutionary dynamics, the stability analysis of user equilibria in heterogeneous routing games is a largely open problem. In this work we study the logit dynamics in heterogeneous routing games on arbitrary network topologies. We show that the dynamics may exhibit bifurcations as the noise level of the dynamics varies, and provide sufficient conditions for asymptotic stability of user equilibria.

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