Hourly operation of a regulated lake via Model Predictive Control

Raffaele G. Cestari, Andrea Castelletti, Simone Formentin

The optimal operation of regulated lakes is a challenging task involving conflicting objectives, ranging from controlling lake levels to avoid floods and low levels to water supply downstream. The traditional approach to operation policy design is based on an offline optimization, where a feedback control rule mapping lake storage into daily release decisions is identified over a set of observational data. In this paper, we propose a receding-horizon policy for a more frequent, online regulation of the lake level, and we discuss its tuning as compared to benchmark approaches. As side contributions, we provide a daily alternative based on the same rationale, and we show that this is still valid under some assumptions on the water inflow. Numerical simulations are used to show the effectiveness of the proposed approach. We demonstrate the approach on the regulated lake Como, Italy.

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