Medical Image Segmentation using LeViT-UNet++: A Case Study on GI Tract Data

Praneeth Nemani, Satyanarayana Vollala

Gastro-Intestinal Tract cancer is considered a fatal malignant condition of the organs in the GI tract. Due to its fatality, there is an urgent need for medical image segmentation techniques to segment organs to reduce the treatment time and enhance the treatment. Traditional segmentation techniques rely upon handcrafted features and are computationally expensive and inefficient. Vision Transformers have gained immense popularity in many image classification and segmentation tasks. To address this problem from a transformers' perspective, we introduced a hybrid CNN-transformer architecture to segment the different organs from an image. The proposed solution is robust, scalable, and computationally efficient, with a Dice and Jaccard coefficient of 0.79 and 0.72, respectively. The proposed solution also depicts the essence of deep learning-based automation to improve the effectiveness of the treatment

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