MIPI 2022 Challenge on Quad-Bayer Re-mosaic: Dataset and Report

Qingyu Yang, Guang Yang, Jun Jiang, Chongyi Li, Ruicheng Feng, Shangchen Zhou, Wenxiu Sun, Qingpeng Zhu, Chen change Loy, Jinwei Gu

Developing and integrating advanced image sensors with novel algorithms in camera systems are prevalent with the increasing demand for computational photography and imaging on mobile platforms. However, the lack of high-quality data for research and the rare opportunity for in-depth exchange of views from industry and academia constrain the development of mobile intelligent photography and imaging (MIPI). To bridge the gap, we introduce the first MIPI challenge, including five tracks focusing on novel image sensors and imaging algorithms. In this paper, Quad Joint Remosaic and Denoise, one of the five tracks, working on the interpolation of Quad CFA to Bayer at full resolution, is introduced. The participants were provided a new dataset, including 70 (training) and 15 (validation) scenes of high-quality Quad and Bayer pairs. In addition, for each scene, Quad of different noise levels was provided at 0dB, 24dB, and 42dB. All the data were captured using a Quad sensor in both outdoor and indoor conditions. The final results are evaluated using objective metrics, including PSNR, SSIM, LPIPS, and KLD. A detailed description of all models developed in this challenge is provided in this paper. More details of this challenge and the link to the dataset can be found at https://github.com/mipi-challenge/MIPI2022.

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