Data Science Approach to predict the winning Fantasy Cricket Team Dream 11 Fantasy Sports

Sachin Kumar S, Prithvi HV, C Nandini

The evolution of digital technology and the increasing popularity of sports inspired the innovators to take the experience of users with a proclivity towards sports to a whole new different level, by introducing Fantasy Sports Platforms FSPs. The application of Data Science and Analytics is Ubiquitous in the Modern World. Data Science and Analytics open doors to gain a deeper understanding and help in the decision making process. We firmly believed that we could adopt Data Science to predict the winning fantasy cricket team on the FSP, Dream 11. We built a predictive model that predicts the performance of players in a prospective game. We used a combination of Greedy and Knapsack Algorithms to prescribe the combination of 11 players to create a fantasy cricket team that has the most significant statistical odds of finishing as the strongest team thereby giving us a higher chance of winning the pot of bets on the Dream 11 FSP. We used PyCaret Python Library to help us understand and adopt the best Regressor Algorithm for our problem statement to make precise predictions. Further, we used Plotly Python Library to give us visual insights into the team, and players performances by accounting for the statistical, and subjective factors of a prospective game. The interactive plots help us to bolster the recommendations of our predictive model. You either win big, win small, or lose your bet based on the performance of the players selected for your fantasy team in the prospective game, and our model increases the probability of you winning big.

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