SQL and NoSQL Databases Software architectures performance analysis and assessments -- A Systematic Literature review

Wisal Khan, Teerath Kumar, Zhang Cheng, Kislay Raj, Arunabha M Roy, Bin Luo

Context: The efficient processing of Big Data is a challenging task for SQL and NoSQL Databases, where competent software architecture plays a vital role. The SQL Databases are designed for structuring data and supporting vertical scalability. In contrast, horizontal scalability is backed by NoSQL Databases and can process sizeable unstructured Data efficiently. One can choose the right paradigm according to the organisation's needs; however, making the correct choice can often be challenging. The SQL and NoSQL Databases follow different architectures. Also, the mixed model is followed by each category of NoSQL Databases. Hence, data movement becomes difficult for cloud consumers across multiple cloud service providers (CSPs). In addition, each cloud platform IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DBaaS also monitors various paradigms. Objective: This systematic literature review (SLR) aims to study the related articles associated with SQL and NoSQL Database software architectures and tackle data portability and Interoperability among various cloud platforms. State of the art presented many performance comparison studies of SQL and NoSQL Databases by observing scaling, performance, availability, consistency and sharding characteristics. According to the research studies, NoSQL Database designed structures can be the right choice for big data analytics, while SQL Databases are suitable for OLTP Databases. The researcher proposes numerous approaches associated with data movement in the cloud. Platform-based APIs are developed, which makes users' data movement difficult. Therefore, data portability and Interoperability issues are noticed during data movement across multiple CSPs. To minimize developer efforts and Interoperability, Unified APIs are demanded to make data movement relatively more accessible among various cloud platforms.

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