Resilient Communication Scheme for Distributed Decision of InterconnectingNetworks of Microgrids

Thanh Long Vu, Sayak Mukherjee, Veronica Adetola

Networking of microgrids can provide the operational flexibility needed for the increasing number of DERs deployed at the distribution level and supporting end-use demand when there is loss of the bulk power system. But, networked microgrids are vulnerable to cyber-physical attacks and faults due to the complex interconnections. As such, it is necessary to design resilient control systems to support the operations of networked microgrids in responses to cyber-physical attacks and faults. This paper introduces a resilient communication scheme for interconnecting multiple microgrids to support critical demand, in which the interconnection decision can be made distributedly by each microgrid controller even in the presence of cyberattacks to some communication links or microgrid controllers. This scheme blends a randomized peer-to-peer communication network for exchanging information among controllers and resilient consensus algorithms for achieving reliable interconnection agreement. The network of 6 microgrids divided from a modified 123-node test distribution feeder is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed resilient communication scheme.

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