ImDrug: A Benchmark for Deep Imbalanced Learning in AI-aided Drug Discovery

Lanqing Li, Liang Zeng, Ziqi Gao, Shen Yuan, Yatao Bian, Bingzhe Wu, Hengtong Zhang, Chan Lu, Yang Yu, Wei Liu, Hongteng Xu, Jia Li, Peilin Zhao, Pheng-Ann Heng

The last decade has witnessed a prosperous development of computational methods and dataset curation for AI-aided drug discovery (AIDD). However, real-world pharmaceutical datasets often exhibit highly imbalanced distribution, which is largely overlooked by the current literature but may severely compromise the fairness and generalization of machine learning applications. Motivated by this observation, we introduce ImDrug, a comprehensive benchmark with an open-source Python library which consists of 4 imbalance settings, 11 AI-ready datasets, 54 learning tasks and 16 baseline algorithms tailored for imbalanced learning. It provides an accessible and customizable testbed for problems and solutions spanning a broad spectrum of the drug discovery pipeline such as molecular modeling, drug-target interaction and retrosynthesis. We conduct extensive empirical studies with novel evaluation metrics, to demonstrate that the existing algorithms fall short of solving medicinal and pharmaceutical challenges in the data imbalance scenario. We believe that ImDrug opens up avenues for future research and development, on real-world challenges at the intersection of AIDD and deep imbalanced learning.

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