An Extrinsic Calibration Method of a 3D-LiDAR and a Pose Sensor for Autonomous Driving

Guohang Yan, Jiahao Pi, Chengjie Wang, Xinyu Cai, Yikang Li

Accurate and reliable sensor calibration is critical for fusing LiDAR and inertial measurements in autonomous driving. This paper proposes a novel three-stage extrinsic calibration method of a 3D-LiDAR and a pose sensor for autonomous driving. The first stage can quickly calibrate the extrinsic parameters between the sensors through point cloud surface features so that the extrinsic can be narrowed from a large initial error to a small error range in little time. The second stage can further calibrate the extrinsic parameters based on LiDAR-mapping space occupancy while removing motion distortion. In the final stage, the z-axis errors caused by the plane motion of the autonomous vehicle are corrected, and an accurate extrinsic parameter is finally obtained. Specifically, This method utilizes the natural characteristics of road scenes, making it independent and easy to apply in large-scale conditions. Experimental results on real-world data sets demonstrate the reliability and accuracy of our method. The codes are open-sourced on the Github website. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first open-source code specifically designed for autonomous driving to calibrate LiDAR and pose-sensor extrinsic parameters. The code link is

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