StyleGAN Encoder-Based Attack for Block Scrambled Face Images

AprilPyone MaungMaung, Hitoshi Kiya

In this paper, we propose an attack method to block scrambled face images, particularly Encryption-then-Compression (EtC) applied images by utilizing the existing powerful StyleGAN encoder and decoder for the first time. Instead of reconstructing identical images as plain ones from encrypted images, we focus on recovering styles that can reveal identifiable information from the encrypted images. The proposed method trains an encoder by using plain and encrypted image pairs with a particular training strategy. While state-of-the-art attack methods cannot recover any perceptual information from EtC images, the proposed method discloses personally identifiable information such as hair color, skin color, eyeglasses, gender, etc. Experiments were carried out on the CelebA dataset, and results show that reconstructed images have some perceptual similarities compared to plain images.

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