Fuzzy-based forest fire prevention and detection by wireless sensor networks

J Toledo-Castro, I Santos-González, P Caballero-Gil, C Hernández-Goya, N Rodríguez-Pérez, R Aguasca-Colomo

Forest fires may cause considerable damages both in ecosystems and lives. This proposal describes the application of Internet of Things and wireless sensor networks jointly with multi-hop routing through a real time and dynamic monitoring system for forest fire prevention. It is based on gathering and analyzing information related to meteorological conditions, concentrations of polluting gases and oxygen level around particular interesting forest areas. Unusual measurements of these environmental variables may help to prevent wildfire incidents and make their detection more efficient. A forest fire risk controller based on fuzzy logic has been implemented in order to activate environmental risk alerts through a Web service and a mobile application. For this purpose, security mechanisms have been proposed for ensuring integrity and confidentiality in the transmission of measured environmental information. Lamport's signature and a block cipher algorithm are used to achieve this objective.

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