Imitrob: Imitation Learning Dataset for Training and Evaluating 6D Object Pose Estimators

Jiri Sedlar, Karla Stepanova, Radoslav Skoviera, Jan Kristof Behrens, Gabriela Sejnova, Josef Sivic, Robert Babuska

This paper introduces a dataset for training and evaluating methods for 6D pose estimation of hand-held tools in task demonstrations captured by a standard RGB camera. Despite the significant progress of 6D pose estimation methods, their performance is usually limited for heavily occluded objects, which is a common case in imitation learning where the object is typically partially occluded by the manipulating hand. Currently, there is a lack of datasets that would enable the development of robust 6D pose estimation methods for these conditions. To overcome this problem, we collect a new dataset (Imitrob) aimed at 6D pose estimation in imitation learning and other applications where a human holds a tool and performs a task. The dataset contains image sequences of three different tools and six manipulation tasks with two camera viewpoints, four human subjects, and left/right hand. Each image is accompanied by an accurate ground truth measurement of the 6D object pose, obtained by the HTC Vive motion tracking device. The use of the dataset is demonstrated by training and evaluating a recent 6D object pose estimation method (DOPE) in various setups. The dataset and code are publicly available at

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