Low-Rank Tensor Completion Based on Bivariate Equivalent Minimax-Concave Penalty

HongBing Zhang, Xinyi Liu, HongTao Fan, Yajing Li, Yinlin Ye

Low-rank tensor completion (LRTC) is an important problem in computer vision and machine learning. The minimax-concave penalty (MCP) function as a non-convex relaxation has achieved good results in the LRTC problem. To makes all the constant parameters of the MCP function as variables so that futherly improving the adaptability to the change of singular values in the LRTC problem, we propose the bivariate equivalent minimax-concave penalty (BEMCP) theorem. Applying the BEMCP theorem to tensor singular values leads to the bivariate equivalent weighted tensor $\Gamma$-norm (BEWTGN) theorem, and we analyze and discuss its corresponding properties. Besides, to facilitate the solution of the LRTC problem, we give the proximal operators of the BEMCP theorem and BEWTGN. Meanwhile, we propose a BEMCP model for the LRTC problem, which is optimally solved based on alternating direction multiplier (ADMM). Finally, the proposed method is applied to the data restorations of multispectral image (MSI), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and color video (CV) in real-world, and the experimental results demonstrate that it outperforms the state-of-arts methods.

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