MetaDIP: Accelerating Deep Image Prior with Meta Learning

Kevin Zhang, Mingyang Xie, Maharshi Gor, Yi-Ting Chen, Yvonne Zhou, Christopher A. Metzler

Deep image prior (DIP) is a recently proposed technique for solving imaging inverse problems by fitting the reconstructed images to the output of an untrained convolutional neural network. Unlike pretrained feedforward neural networks, the same DIP can generalize to arbitrary inverse problems, from denoising to phase retrieval, while offering competitive performance at each task. The central disadvantage of DIP is that, while feedforward neural networks can reconstruct an image in a single pass, DIP must gradually update its weights over hundreds to thousands of iterations, at a significant computational cost. In this work we use meta-learning to massively accelerate DIP-based reconstructions. By learning a proper initialization for the DIP weights, we demonstrate a 10x improvement in runtimes across a range of inverse imaging tasks. Moreover, we demonstrate that a network trained to quickly reconstruct faces also generalizes to reconstructing natural image patches.

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