Is Rust C++-fast? Benchmarking System Languages on Everyday Routines

Nikolay Ivanov

Rust is a relatively new system programming language that has been experiencing a rapid adoption in the past 10 years. Rust incorporates a memory ownership model enforced at a compile time. Since this model involves zero runtime overhead, programs written in Rust are not only memory-safe but also fast, leading to performance comparable to C and C++. Multiple existing benchmarks comparing the performance of Rust with other languages focus on rarely used superficial algorithms, leading to somewhat inconclusive results. In this work, we conduct a comparative performance benchmark of Rust and C++ using commonly used algorithms and data structures rather than exotic ones. Our evaluation shows that the overall performance of Rust is similar to C++, with only minor disadvantage. We also demonstrate that in some Rust routines are slightly faster than the ones of C++.

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