Human Pose Driven Object Effects Recommendation

Zhaoxin Fan, Fengxin Li, Hongyan Liu, Jun He, Xiaoyong Du

In this paper, we research the new topic of object effects recommendation in micro-video platforms, which is a challenging but important task for many practical applications such as advertisement insertion. To avoid the problem of introducing background bias caused by directly learning video content from image frames, we propose to utilize the meaningful body language hidden in 3D human pose for recommendation. To this end, in this work, a novel human pose driven object effects recommendation network termed PoseRec is introduced. PoseRec leverages the advantages of 3D human pose detection and learns information from multi-frame 3D human pose for video-item registration, resulting in high quality object effects recommendation performance. Moreover, to solve the inherent ambiguity and sparsity issues that exist in object effects recommendation, we further propose a novel item-aware implicit prototype learning module and a novel pose-aware transductive hard-negative mining module to better learn pose-item relationships. What's more, to benchmark methods for the new research topic, we build a new dataset for object effects recommendation named Pose-OBE. Extensive experiments on Pose-OBE demonstrate that our method can achieve superior performance than strong baselines.

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