A Simplified Model for the Battery Ageing Potential Under Highly Rippled Load for Battery Management and Active Degradation Control

Tomas Kacetl, Jan Kacetl, Nima Tashakor, Stefan Goetz

Whereas in typical standardized tests batteries are almost exclusively loaded with constant current or relatively slowly changing cycles, real applications involve rapid load ripple, which do not contribute to the net energy. The trend to reduced filter capacitors and even dynamically reconfigurable batteries further increases the ripple. The influence of rippled load on lithium batteries is therefore receiving increased attention. According to recent studies, accelerated ageing strongly depends on the frequency of the ripple. We use electrochemical models to derive a highly simplified regression model that catches the asymptotic behavior and allows parameter identification and calibration to specific cells. The model allows quantitative monitoring of the additional ageing due to ripple current in battery management systems. Furthermore it enables active control of the ageing potential by influencing the frequency content in modern battery systems, such as reconfigurable batteries.

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