A Secure Authentication Framework to Guarantee the Traceability of Avatars in Metaverse

Kedi Yang, Zhenyong Zhang, Youliang Tian, Jianfeng Ma

Metaverse is a vast virtual environment parallel to the physical world in which users enjoy a variety of services acting as an avatar. To build a secure living habitat, it's vital to ensure the virtual-physical traceability that tracking a malicious player in the physical world via his avatars in virtual space. In this paper, we propose a two-factor authentication framework based on chameleon signature and biometric-based authentication. First, aiming at disguise in virtual space, we propose a chameleon collision signature algorithm to achieve the verifiability of the avatar's virtual identity. Second, facing at impersonation in physical world, we construct an avatar's identity model based on the player's biometric template and the chameleon key to realize the verifiability of the avatar's physical identity. Finally, we design two decentralized authentication protocols based on the avatar's identity model to ensure the consistency of the avatar's virtual and physical identities. Security analysis indicates that the proposed authentication framework guarantees the consistency and traceability of avatar's identity. Simulation experiments show that the framework not only completes the decentralized authentication between avatars but also achieves the virtual-physical tracking.

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