A Robust Distributed Model Predictive Control Framework for Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with Input Constraints and Varying Delays

Henglai Wei, Changxin Liu, Yang Shi

This paper studies the consensus problem of general linear discrete-time multi-agent systems (MAS) with input constraints and bounded time-varying communication delays. We propose a robust distributed model predictive control (DMPC) consensus protocol that integrates the offline consensus design with online DMPC optimization to exploit their respective advantages. More precisely, each agent is equipped with an offline consensus protocol, which is a priori designed, depending on its immediate neighbors' estimated states. Further, the estimation errors propagated over time due to inexact neighboring information are proved bounded under mild technical assumptions, based on which a robust DMPC strategy is deliberately designed to achieve robust consensus while satisfying input constraints. Moreover, it is shown that, with the suitably designed cost function and constraints, the feasibility of the associated optimization problem can be recursively ensured. We further provide the consensus convergence result of the constrained MAS in the presence of bounded varying delays. Finally, two numerical examples are given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed distributed consensus algorithm.

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