Vehicle Trajectory Tracking Through Magnetic Sensors

Xiaojiang Ren, Yuanfa Tu, Yingfan Geng, Changle Li, Guoqiang Mao

Traffic surveillance is an important issue in Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS). In this paper, we propose a novel surveillance system to detect and track vehicles using ubiquitously deployed magnetic sensors. That is, multiple magnetic sensors, mounted roadside and along lane boundary lines, are used to track various vehicles. Real-time vehicle detection data are reported from magnetic sensors, collected into data center via base stations, and processed to depict vehicle trajectories including vehicle position, timestamp, speed and type. We first define a vehicle trajectory tracking problem. We then propose a graph-based data association algorithm to track each detected vehicle, and design a related online algorithm framework respectively. We finally validate the performance via both experimental simulation and real-world road test. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed solution provides a cost-effective solution to capture the driving status of vehicles and on that basis form various traffic safety and efficiency applications.

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