Through a fair looking-glass: mitigating bias in image datasets

Amirarsalan Rajabi, Mehdi Yazdani-Jahromi, Ozlem Ozmen Garibay, Gita Sukthankar

With the recent growth in computer vision applications, the question of how fair and unbiased they are has yet to be explored. There is abundant evidence that the bias present in training data is reflected in the models, or even amplified. Many previous methods for image dataset de-biasing, including models based on augmenting datasets, are computationally expensive to implement. In this study, we present a fast and effective model to de-bias an image dataset through reconstruction and minimizing the statistical dependence between intended variables. Our architecture includes a U-net to reconstruct images, combined with a pre-trained classifier which penalizes the statistical dependence between target attribute and the protected attribute. We evaluate our proposed model on CelebA dataset, compare the results with a state-of-the-art de-biasing method, and show that the model achieves a promising fairness-accuracy combination.

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