MECCANO: A Multimodal Egocentric Dataset for Humans Behavior Understanding in the Industrial-like Domain

Francesco Ragusa, Antonino Furnari, Giovanni Maria Farinella

Wearable cameras allow to acquire images and videos from the user's perspective. These data can be processed to understand humans behavior. Despite human behavior analysis has been thoroughly investigated in third person vision, it is still understudied in egocentric settings and in particular in industrial scenarios. To encourage research in this field, we present MECCANO, a multimodal dataset of egocentric videos to study humans behavior understanding in industrial-like settings. The multimodality is characterized by the presence of gaze signals, depth maps and RGB videos acquired simultaneously with a custom headset. The dataset has been explicitly labeled for fundamental tasks in the context of human behavior understanding from a first person view, such as recognizing and anticipating human-object interactions. With the MECCANO dataset, we explored five different tasks including 1) Action Recognition, 2) Active Objects Detection and Recognition, 3) Egocentric Human-Objects Interaction Detection, 4) Action Anticipation and 5) Next-Active Objects Detection. We propose a benchmark aimed to study human behavior in the considered industrial-like scenario which demonstrates that the investigated tasks and the considered scenario are challenging for state-of-the-art algorithms. To support research in this field, we publicy release the dataset at

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