3D Cross Pseudo Supervision (3D-CPS): A semi-supervised nnU-Net architecture for abdominal organ segmentation

Yongzhi Huang, Hanwen Zhang, Yan Yan, Haseeb Hassan, Bingding Huang

Large curated datasets are necessary, but annotating medical images is a time-consuming, laborious, and expensive process. Therefore, recent supervised methods are focusing on utilizing a large amount of unlabeled data. However, to do so, is a challenging task. To address this problem, we propose a new 3D Cross Pseudo Supervision (3D-CPS) method, a semi-supervised network architecture based on nnU-Net with the Cross Pseudo Supervision method. We design a new nnU-Net based preprocessing method and adopt the forced spacing settings strategy in the inference stage to speed up the inference time. In addition, we set the semi-supervised loss weights to expand linearity with each epoch to prevent the model from low-quality pseudo-labels in the early training process. Our proposed method achieves an average dice similarity coefficient (DSC) of 0.881 and an average normalized surface distance (NSD) of 0.913 on the MICCAI FLARE2022 validation set (20 cases).

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