CFVS: Coarse-to-Fine Visual Servoing for 6-DoF Object-Agnostic Peg-In-Hole Assembly

Bo-Siang Lu, Tung-I Chen, Hsin-Ying Lee, Winston H. Hsu

Robotic peg-in-hole assembly remains a challenging task due to its high accuracy demand. Previous work tends to simplify the problem by restricting the degree of freedom of the end-effector, or limiting the distance between the target and the initial pose position, which prevents them from being deployed in real-world manufacturing. Thus, we present a Coarse-to-Fine Visual Servoing (CFVS) peg-in-hole method, achieving 6-DoF end-effector motion control based on 3D visual feedback. CFVS can handle arbitrary tilt angles and large initial alignment errors through a fast pose estimation before refinement. Furthermore, by introducing a confidence map to ignore the irrelevant contour of objects, CFVS is robust against noise and can deal with various targets beyond training data. Extensive experiments show CFVS outperforms state-of-the-art methods and obtains 100%, 91%, and 82% average success rates in 3-DoF, 4-DoF, and 6-DoF peg-in-hole, respectively.

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