Synthesizing Nested Relational Queries from Implicit Specifications

Michael Benedikt, Pierre Pradic, Christoph Wernhard

Derived datasets can be defined implicitly or explicitly. An implicit definition (of dataset $O$ in terms of datasets $\vec{I}$) is a logical specification involving the source data $\vec{I}$ and the interface data $O$. It is a valid definition of $O$ in terms of $\vec{I}$, if any two models of the specification agreeing on $\vec{I}$ agree on $O$. In contrast, an explicit definition is a query that produces $O$ from $\vec{I}$. Variants of Beth's theorem state that one can convert implicit definitions to explicit ones. Further, this conversion can be done effectively given a proof witnessing implicit definability in a suitable proof system. We prove the analogous effective implicit-to-explicit result for nested relations: implicit definitions, given in the natural logic for nested relations, can be effectively converted to explicit definitions in the nested relational calculus NRC. As a consequence, we can effectively extract rewritings of NRC queries in terms of NRC views, given a proof witnessing that the query is determined by the views.

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