On the Whitney near extension problem, BMO, alignment of data, best approximation in algebraic geometry, manifold learning and their beautiful connections: A modern treatment

Steven B. Damelin

This paper provides fascinating connections between several mathematical problems which lie on the intersection of several mathematics subjects, namely algebraic geometry, approximation theory, complex-harmonic analysis and high dimensional data science. Modern techniques in algebraic geometry, approximation theory, computational harmonic analysis and extensions develop the first of its kind, a unified framework which allows for a simultaneous study of labeled and unlabeled near alignment data problems in of $\mathbb R^D$ with the near isometry extension problem for discrete and non-discrete subsets of $\mathbb R^D$ with certain geometries. In addition, the paper surveys related work on clustering, dimension reduction, manifold learning, vision as well as minimal energy partitions, discrepancy and min-max optimization. Numerous open problems are given.

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