Affine phase retrieval for sparse signals via $\ell_1$ minimization

Meng Huang, Shixiang Sun, Zhiqiang Xu

Affine phase retrieval is the problem of recovering signals from the magnitude-only measurements with a priori information. In this paper, we use the $\ell_1$ minimization to exploit the sparsity of signals for affine phase retrieval, showing that $O(k\log(en/k))$ Gaussian random measurements are sufficient to recover all $k$-sparse signals by solving a natural $\ell_1$ minimization program, where $n$ is the dimension of signals. For the case where measurements are corrupted by noises, the reconstruction error bounds are given for both real-valued and complex-valued signals. Our results demonstrate that the natural $\ell_1$ minimization program for affine phase retrieval is stable.

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