Comprehensive identification of Long Covid articles with human-in-the-loop machine learning

Robert Leaman, Rezarta Islamaj, Alexis Allot, Qingyu Chen, W. John Wilbur, Zhiyong Lu

A significant percentage of COVID-19 survivors experience ongoing multisystemic symptoms that often affect daily living, a condition known as Long Covid or post-acute-sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection. However, identifying Long Covid articles is challenging since articles refer to the condition using a variety of less common terms or refrain from naming it at all. We developed an iterative human-in-the-loop machine learning framework designed to effectively leverage the data available and make the most efficient use of human labels. Specifically, our approach combines data programming with active learning into a robust ensemble model. Evaluating our model on a holdout set demonstrates over three times the sensitivity of other methods. We apply our model to PubMed to create the Long Covid collection, and demonstrate that (1) most Long Covid articles do not refer to Long Covid by any name (2) when the condition is named, the name used most frequently in the biomedical literature is Long Covid, and (3) Long Covid is associated with disorders in a wide variety of body systems. The Long Covid collection is updated weekly and is searchable online at the LitCovid portal:

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