Dynamic Control Barrier Function-based Model Predictive Control to Safety-Critical Obstacle-Avoidance of Mobile Robot

Zhuozhu Jian, Zihong Yan, Xuanang Lei, Zihong Lu, Bin Lan, Xueqian Wang, Bin Liang

This paper presents an efficient and safe method to avoid static and dynamic obstacles based on LiDAR. First, point cloud is used to generate a real-time local grid map for obstacle detection. Then, obstacles are clustered by DBSCAN algorithm and enclosed with minimum bounding ellipses (MBEs). In addition, data association is conducted to match each MBE with the obstacle in the current frame. Considering MBE as an observation, Kalman filter (KF) is used to estimate and predict the motion state of the obstacle. In this way, the trajectory of each obstacle in the forward time domain can be parameterized as a set of ellipses. Due to the uncertainty of the MBE, the semi-major and semi-minor axes of the parameterized ellipse are extended to ensure safety. We extend the traditional Control Barrier Function (CBF) and propose Dynamic Control Barrier Function (D-CBF). We combine D-CBF with Model Predictive Control (MPC) to implement safety-critical dynamic obstacle avoidance. Experiments in simulated and real scenarios are conducted to verify the effectiveness of our algorithm. The source code is released for the reference of the community.

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