Reweighting Clicks with Dwell Time in Recommendation

Ruobing Xie, Lin Ma, Shaoliang Zhang, Feng Xia, Leyu Lin

The click behavior is the most widely-used user positive feedback in recommendation. However, simply considering each click equally in training may suffer from clickbaits and title-content mismatching, and thus fail to precisely capture users' real satisfaction on items. Dwell time could be viewed as a high-quality quantitative indicator of user preferences on each click, while existing recommendation models do not fully explore the modeling of dwell time. In this work, we focus on reweighting clicks with dwell time in recommendation. Precisely, we first define a new behavior named valid read, which helps to select high-quality click instances for different users and items via dwell time. Next, we propose a normalized dwell time function to reweight click signals in training, which could better guide our model to provide a high-quality and efficient reading. The Click reweighting model achieves significant improvements on both offline and online evaluations in a real-world system.

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