Persistent Identification and Interlinking of FAIR Scholarly Knowledge

Muhammad Haris, Markus Stocker, Sören AUER

We leverage the Open Research Knowledge Graph - a scholarly infrastructure that supports the creation, curation, and reuse of structured, semantic scholarly knowledge - and present an approach for persistent identification of FAIR scholarly knowledge. We propose a DOI-based persistent identification of ORKG Papers, which are machine-actionable descriptions of the essential information published in scholarly articles. This enables the citability of FAIR scholarly knowledge and its discovery in global scholarly communication infrastructures (e.g., DataCite, OpenAIRE, and ORCID). While publishing, the state of the ORKG Paper is saved and cannot be further edited. To allow for updating published versions, ORKG supports creating new versions, which are linked in provenance chains. We demonstrate the linking of FAIR scholarly knowledge with digital artefacts (articles), agents (researchers) and other objects (organizations). We persistently identify FAIR scholarly knowledge (namely, ORKG Papers and ORKG Comparisons as collections of ORKG Papers) by leveraging DataCite services. Given the existing interoperability between DataCite, Crossref, OpenAIRE and ORCID, sharing metadata with DataCite ensures global findability of FAIR scholarly knowledge in scholarly communication infrastructures.

Knowledge Graph



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