Modified PSO based PID Sliding Mode Control using Improved Reaching Law for Nonlinear systems

Kirtiman Singh, Prabin Kumar Padhy

In this paper, a new model based nonlinear control technique, called PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) type sliding surface based sliding mode control is designed using improved reaching law. To improve the performance of the second order nonlinear differential equations with unknown parameters modified particle swarm intelligent optimization (MPSO) is used for the optimized parameters. This paper throws light on the sliding surface design, on the proposed power rate exponential reaching law, parameters optimization using modified particle swarm optimization and highlights the important features of adding an integral term in the sliding mode such as robustness and higher convergence, through extensive mathematical modeling. Siding mode control law is derived using Lyapunov stability approach and its asymptotic stability is proved mathematically and simulations showing its validity. MPSO PID-type Sliding mode control will stabilize the highly nonlinear systems, will compensate disturbances and uncertainty and reduces tracking errors. Simulations and experimental application is done on the non-linear systems and are presented to make a quantitative comparison.

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