Mobility Aware Optimization in the Metaverse

Zhaohui Huang, Vasilis Friderikos

Metaverse applications that incorporate Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) provide mixed and immersive experiences by amalgamating the virtual with the physical world. Notably, due to their multi-modality such applications are demanding in terms of energy consumption, computing and caching resources to efficiently support foreground interactions of participating users and rich background content. In this paper, the metaverse service is decomposed and anchored at suitable edge caching/computing nodes in 5G and beyond networks to enable efficient processing of background metaverse region models embedded with target AROs. To achieve that, a joint optimization problem is proposed, which explicitly considers the user physical mobility, service decomposition, and the balance between service delay, user perception quality and power consumption. A wide set of numerical investigations reveal that, the proposed scheme could provide optimal decision making and outperform other nominal baseline schemes which are oblivious of user mobility as well as do not consider service decomposition.

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