Revisiting Image Pyramid Structure for High Resolution Salient Object Detection

Taehun Kim, Kunhee Kim, Joonyeong Lee, Dongmin Cha, Jiho Lee, Daijin Kim

Salient object detection (SOD) has been in the spotlight recently, yet has been studied less for high-resolution (HR) images. Unfortunately, HR images and their pixel-level annotations are certainly more labor-intensive and time-consuming compared to low-resolution (LR) images and annotations. Therefore, we propose an image pyramid-based SOD framework, Inverse Saliency Pyramid Reconstruction Network (InSPyReNet), for HR prediction without any of HR datasets. We design InSPyReNet to produce a strict image pyramid structure of saliency map, which enables to ensemble multiple results with pyramid-based image blending. For HR prediction, we design a pyramid blending method which synthesizes two different image pyramids from a pair of LR and HR scale from the same image to overcome effective receptive field (ERF) discrepancy. Our extensive evaluations on public LR and HR SOD benchmarks demonstrate that InSPyReNet surpasses the State-of-the-Art (SotA) methods on various SOD metrics and boundary accuracy.

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