A Secure Healthcare 5.0 System Based on Blockchain Technology Entangled with Federated Learning Technique

Abdur Rehman, Sagheer Abbas, M. A. Khan, Taher M. Ghazal, Khan Muhammad Adnan, Amir Mosavi

In recent years, the global Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) industry has evolved at a tremendous speed. Security and privacy are key concerns on the IoMT, owing to the huge scale and deployment of IoMT networks. Machine learning (ML) and blockchain (BC) technologies have significantly enhanced the capabilities and facilities of healthcare 5.0, spawning a new area known as "Smart Healthcare." By identifying concerns early, a smart healthcare system can help avoid long-term damage. This will enhance the quality of life for patients while reducing their stress and healthcare costs. The IoMT enables a range of functionalities in the field of information technology, one of which is smart and interactive health care. However, combining medical data into a single storage location to train a powerful machine learning model raises concerns about privacy, ownership, and compliance with greater concentration. Federated learning (FL) overcomes the preceding difficulties by utilizing a centralized aggregate server to disseminate a global learning model. Simultaneously, the local participant keeps control of patient information, assuring data confidentiality and security. This article conducts a comprehensive analysis of the findings on blockchain technology entangled with federated learning in healthcare. 5.0. The purpose of this study is to construct a secure health monitoring system in healthcare 5.0 by utilizing a blockchain technology and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to detect any malicious activity in a healthcare network and enables physicians to monitor patients through medical sensors and take necessary measures periodically by predicting diseases.

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