A Multi-Layer Regression based Predicable Function Fitting Network

Changlin Wan, Zhongzhi Shi

Function plays an important role in mathematics and many science branches. As the fast development of computer technology, more and more study on computational function analysis, e.g., Fast Fourier Transform, Wavelet Transform, Curve Function, are presented in these years. However, there are two main problems in these approaches: 1) hard to handle the complex functions of stationary and non-stationary, periodic and non-periodic, high order and low order; 2) hard to generalize the fitting functions from training data to test data. In this paper, a multiple regression based function fitting network that solves the two main problems is introduced as a predicable function fitting technique. This technique constructs the network includes three main parts: 1) the stationary transform layer, 2) the feature encoding layers, and 3) the fine tuning regression layer. The stationary transform layer recognizes the order of input function data, and transforms non-stationary function to stationary function. The feature encoding layers encode the raw input sequential data to a novel linear regression feature that can capture both the structural and the temporal characters of the sequential data. The fine tuning regression layer then fits the features to the target ahead values. The fitting network with the linear regression feature layers and a non-linear regression layer come up with high quality fitting results and generalizable predictions. The experiments of both mathematic function examples and the real word function examples verifies the efficiency of the proposed technique.

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