Updating velocities in heterogeneous comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization with low-discrepancy sequences

Yuelin Zhao, Feng Wu, Jianhua Pang, Wanxie Zhong

Heterogeneous comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization (HCLPSO) is a type of evolutionary algorithm with enhanced exploration and exploitation capabilities. The low-discrepancy sequence (LDS) is more uniform in covering the search space than random sequences. In this paper, making use of the good uniformity of LDS to improve HCLPSO is researched. Numerical experiments are performed to show that it is impossible to effectively improve the search ability of HCLPSO by only using LDS to generate the initial population. However, if we properly choose some random sequences from the HCLPSO velocities updating formula and replace them with the deterministic LDS, we can obtain a more efficient algorithm. Compared with the original HCLPSO under the same accuracy requirement, the HCLPSO updating the velocities with the deterministic LDS can significantly reduce the iterations required for finding the optimal solution, without decreasing the success rate.

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