One-to-Many Semantic Communication Systems: Design, Implementation, Performance Evaluation

Han Hu, Xingwu Zhu, Fuhui Zhou, Wei Wu, Rose Qingyang Hu, Hongbo Zhu

Semantic communication in the 6G era has been deemed a promising communication paradigm to break through the bottleneck of traditional communications. However, its applications for the multi-user scenario, especially the broadcasting case, remain under-explored. To effectively exploit the benefits enabled by semantic communication, in this paper, we propose a one-to-many semantic communication system. Specifically, we propose a deep neural network (DNN) enabled semantic communication system called MR\_DeepSC. By leveraging semantic features for different users, a semantic recognizer based on the pre-trained model, i.e., DistilBERT, is built to distinguish different users. Furthermore, the transfer learning is adopted to speed up the training of new receiver networks. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed MR\_DeepSC can achieve the best performance in terms of BLEU score than the other benchmarks under different channel conditions, especially in the low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regime.

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