A Data-Centric AI Paradigm Based on Application-Driven Fine-grained Dataset Design

Huan Hu, Yajie Cui, Zhaoxiang Liu, Shiguo Lian

Deep learning has a wide range of applications in industrial scenario, but reducing false alarm (FA) remains a major difficulty. Optimizing network architecture or network parameters is used to tackle this challenge in academic circles, while ignoring the essential characteristics of data in application scenarios, which often results in increased FA in new scenarios. In this paper, we propose a novel paradigm for fine-grained design of datasets, driven by industrial applications. We flexibly select positive and negative sample sets according to the essential features of the data and application requirements, and add the remaining samples to the training set as uncertainty classes. We collect more than 10,000 mask-wearing recognition samples covering various application scenarios as our experimental data. Compared with the traditional data design methods, our method achieves better results and effectively reduces FA. We make all contributions available to the research community for broader use. The contributions will be available at https://github.com/huh30/OpenDatasets.

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