Reflections and Considerations on Running Creative Visualization Learning Activities

Jonathan C. Roberts, Benjamin Bach, Magdalena Boucher, Fanny Chevalier, Alexandra Diehl, Uta Hinrichs, Samuel Huron, Andy Kirk, Søren Knudsen, Isabel Meirelles, Rebecca Noonan, Laura Pelchmann, Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Christina Stoiber

This paper draws together nine strategies for creative visualization activities. Teaching visualization often involves running learning activities where students perform tasks that directly support one or more topics that the teacher wishes to address in the lesson. As a group of educators and researchers in visualization, we reflect on our learning experiences. Our activities and experiences range from dividing the tasks into smaller parts, considering different learning materials, to encouraging debate. With this paper, our hope is that we can encourage, inspire, and guide other educators with visualization activities. Our reflections provide an initial starting point of methods and strategies to craft creative visualisation learning activities, and provide a foundation for developing best practices in visualization education.

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