Intelligent wayfinding vehicle design based on visual recognition

Zhanyu Guo, Shenyuan Guo, Jialong Wang, Yifan Feng

Intelligent drug delivery trolley is an advanced intelligent drug delivery equipment. Compared with traditional manual drug delivery, it has higher drug delivery efficiency and lower error rate. In this project, an intelligent drug delivery car is designed and manufactured, which can recognize the road route and the room number of the target ward through visual recognition technology. The trolley selects the corresponding route according to the identified room number, accurately transports the drugs to the target ward, and can return to the pharmacy after the drugs are delivered. The intelligent drug delivery car uses DC power supply, and the motor drive module controls two DC motors, which overcomes the problem of excessive deviation of turning angle. The trolley line inspection function uses closed-loop control to improve the accuracy of line inspection and the controllability of trolley speed. The identification of ward number is completed by the camera module with microcontroller, and has the functions of adaptive adjustment of ambient brightness, distortion correction, automatic calibration and so on. The communication between two cooperative drug delivery vehicles is realized by Bluetooth module, which achieves efficient and accurate communication and interaction. Experiments show that the intelligent drug delivery car can accurately identify the room number and plan the route to deliver drugs to the far, middle and near wards, and has the characteristics of fast speed and accurate judgment. In addition, two drug delivery trolleys can cooperate to deliver drugs to the same ward, with high efficiency and high cooperation.

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